$2 off any 2 Dial/Dial for Men/Dial Kids Body Wash Coupons exp. 08/31/13

10 coupons for $3.00 with FREE postage :)


ShopEZ helps me save money everyday :)

This is my Publix shopping purchase of today:


I purchased 10 bottles of Dial body wash which are on BOGO sale @ $3.79.

I used 4 $2/2 mnf. coupons from the 08/04 Red Plum insert and 2 $1 mnf. printed coupons from coupons.com and 1 $5/$15 Publix coupon from the Purple Advantage flyer. This coupon expires tomorrow. There were only a few bottles left this morning so I would recommend asking for a rain check so that you can still use the Publix coupon. Publix allows you to use expired coupons if they were valid at the time that you asked for the rain check.

I purchased 8 packages of single Brawny paper towels which are on BOGO sale @ $1.89.

I used 8 $.55 coupons from the 08/11 Red Plum insert.

I purchased 2 Ms. Butterworth’s syrup which are on BOGO sale @ $3.49 and I used 2 $1 mnf. printed coupons from her Facebook page.

My total was a little over $30 so I was able to include a $5/30 Winn Dixie coupon.

As you can see in the screenshot, my total before taxes was $3.16 according to the ShopEZ app. My total OOP was $5.11 after taxes with a savings of $56.40.

Stockpile Sale

I have been approached by several friends and asked if I would ever consider selling some items in my stockpile. I never really gave this much thought although I’ve seen several people online that have been selling items. Since I work from home it is very easy for me to run up to my local Publix, CVS, Walgreens, Target, etc. and pick up a great deal. Some of these deals are so HOT that they sell out within minutes. By the time my friends get to the stores the shelves have been cleared :(

Last week I decided that I would give it a try. Boy were my friends excited !!! They get to buy items for half price or even cheaper and don’t have to spend time driving to the stores and fighting the crowds. We have worked out a time and they stop by and pick up the items that they need.

I decided to list my items on a Facebook page to make it easier for everyone to see the items that I have for sale. The Facebook page is called Let’s Save Together. Stop by if you have a few minutes and Like the page. See if there is anything that you are looking for. I will update the page each day as I purchase more items. If there is an item that you are looking for and you do not see it, please let me know and I will keep an eye out for it :) If you are in the Central Florida area, we can work out a mutual location for pickup. I have also shipped several of my items for an additional shipping fee.

Using the ShopEZ iPhone app at Publix :)


Publix is currently running a BOGO sale on the Wisk laundry detergent. The bottles are $6.49 at my local store. The top picture shows 20 bottles. This was two transactions of 10 bottles. I used 10 mnf. coupons from the 06/23 Red Plum (RP) insert and 1 $5/$30 Winn Dixie coupons. My total was $14.90 before taxes making each bottle $.74 :)

The bottom picture shows the ShopEZ iPhone app that I used to keep track of my purchases and let me know how much my Out of Pocket (OOP) amount was going to be.

FREE 18 ounce Pure Leaf Tea at 7Eleven-hurry !!


Download the 7Eleven app onto your phone and stop by today 07/29 through Wednesday 07/31 for a FREE 18 ounce bottle of Pure Leaf Tea :)

CVS Shopping Spree

CVS is having several awesome deals this week and I wanted to get started early. Most stores set the upcoming week prices on Saturday after 4 p.m.



I purchased:

10 packages of Tena Pads which are on sale Buy One Get One 50% off and I used 10 mnf. coupons from the Smart Source (SS) 07/14 insert.

1 Physicians Formula concealer with a raincheck for a price of $.49 and I used a $3.00 CVS Red Box coupon.

6 Cesar’s dog food trays with a raincheck for a price of $.69 and I used 3 Buy One Get One (BOGO) coupons which auto deducted at $1.19.

1 gallon of milk @ $3.79 and I used $2.00 ecb’s.

I received $20 ecb’s for this weeks current deal: Spend $50 on selected Johnson & Johnson products and get $20 ecbs for the Tena pads purchase.  I received $1 ecb for the milk purchase.

I used the ShopEZ iPhone app to keep track of my items so that I would know how much my total Out of Pocket (OOP) would be. This is important because you should always give your CVS ecb’s before any coupons (manufacturer or CVS Red Box) because it will lower your tax amount. My total was $2.25 plus $3.71 in tax for a total OOP of $5.96.

ShopEZ helps during my Publix shopping spree :)

Once again I went to my local Publix to pick up a few items for my mom.

photo-20 (2)

photo-4 (2)


Today (07/26 through Sunday 07/28) Publix is offering $10 off a $50 gas card deal when you buy $50 in groceries before coupons.  This is a great deal !!!

I purchased:

1 banana @ $.29

1 Tomato @ $.1.63

1 Orange @ $1.05

1 Nectarine @ $.86

1 Race Trak $50 gas card $50.00 and I used a Publix $10/$50 coupon found in the Publix weekly ad.

10 boxes of Tena Pads @ $5.19 and used 10 $5.00 mnf. coupons from the 07/14 Smart Source (SS) insert.

I also used a $5/$30 Winn Dixie coupon.

In order to keep track of my purchases, I used the ShopEZ iPhone app which allowed me to know my total before I arrived at the register. It also displayed the percentage saved which was a savings of 59%.

My total Out Of Pocket expense was $40.73 plus $3.29 tax for a total of $44.02. This means that ALL the items that I purchased were FREE. Basically, I paid $40.00 for the gas card plus tax. I love FREE :)

5 Inserts in the 07/28 Sunday Newspaper :)


Make sure and get extra copies of this Sundays newspaper !!! Always buy your newspapers in sets of two. The reason for this is so that you can take full advantage of the Buy One Get One Free (BOGO) deals.

My mom’s puppies are happy :)

In the couponing world, you will often hear the word “stockpile.” Since high value coupons appear very rarely, we “stock up” on these items in order to carry us over the upcoming months until the coupon reappears. In this last Sunday’s (07/14) Red Plum (RP) insert you will find a Buy One Get One (BOGO) Cesar canine cuisine tray coupon.  My mother has two little babies that keep her company and lives on a fixed income. These little trays can be found for around $.75 at various stores. I first purchased these a few months ago when I was able to purchase them for free at Publix. My mom’s babies fell in love with them :) So you can imagine how excited I was to find this coupon reappear in the paper. They are currently on sale at CVS for $.69 which makes them $.35 each. I stopped by two of my local CVS stores yesterday and purchased several. The coupons do not expire until 09/08 so I will keep several coupons with my fingers crossed to see if Publix puts these on sale in the next few weeks.


I always try to keep my Out of Pocket (OOP) to a maximum so I purchased these at CVS using my ecb’s. By using my ecb’s I only had to pay for the tax :( The Magnum ice cream bars are for me LOL. I purchased them at Publix. They are 2/$8 but I had coupons that are expiring on July 18th which brought them down to $1 per box.


FREE cups from HSN & Toyota :)


Look at these absolutely beautiful cups that UPS just delivered to me. Mr. LCE and I signed up for this deal last month. For up to the minute freebie deals, follow me on Twitter at ccduniv or Instagram at localcouponexpert.


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